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Last 90 Days



More detail about the Exploit Kit tracker API can be found here.

Get Entries

You can fetch the last 30 days of entries using the /api/entries/ endpoint

>>> requests.get('http://ektracker.com/api/entries/').json() {u'data': [{u'tags': [u'rig', u'seamless'], u'url': u'http://api_clienttest[.]com', u'timestamp': u'2017-06-19T20:20:10.783251', u'entry_id': 1, u'user': u'brad_anton', u'references': []}]}

Add new entry

An API Key is required to add a new entry, please contact @brad_anton if you'd like one.

>>> requests.post('http://ektracker.com/api/add/entry', data={'api_key': api_key, 'url': 'http://api_clienttest.com', 'timestamp': datetime.utcnow(), 'references': None, 'tags': ['rig', 'seamless']} ) {u'message': u'Added Entry', u'result': u'SUCCESS'}